We are an ancient company (well, we’ve been operating since the seventies when we started supplying engineering expertise to the Esso platform construction site in and off Sale.  Is there anyone out there who still remembers John Armstrong?).

Starting from a manual records system for company and contractor data, (using 6×4 inch blue cards) we have evolved into a company of the 21st century: social media and all things electronic are used to contact, communicate and store data.  Mind you we sometimes still refer to old documents and random memories.


We were founding members of our industry association, the RCSA, and as current members support and abide by their principles and rules.

We believe in honest and fair play in all dealings, and are prepared to speak out rather than opt out.

Armstrong  has two working partners

Margaret Jasper

Bought the business from John Armstrong  in 1979, and is still in the chair.

Christine Kirkham

Joined the firm in 1982, and became a director in 1987. Graduate from Melbourne University with BA Hons specialising in Geology.